Mulching is Everything

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The day you embrace the idea of continually adding organic matter to your soil is the day you become an expert gardener! You will create highly nutrient soil which drains well and is beaming with life!

What is Mulch

Mulch is any plant based material (dry) that you spread on the surface of your soil (not dug in) which will decompose to feed your soil and your plants. Mulch can be any number of substances from compost to bark, straw to dry leaves and grass cuttings. Mulch really does everything. It acts as a slow release feeder to feed the soil, it retains moisture, reduces weeds, increases earthworms and produces the most beautiful soil.

When to Mulch

You can mulch all year round. As a rule of thumb, you should never be looking at bare soil, if soil is not covered by a plant, it should be covered by mulch. We apply a thin layer of mulch through out the growing season (summer), and a thicker layer in Autumn and Winter when our beds are resting.

How to Mulch

Simply spread a layer of about 5 cm of dry grass cuttings, dry leaves or straw evenly on your soil. Care not to pile it up against the stems of your flowers and vegetables as this can cause them to rot and may invite leeches and mice to nest there.

Happy gardening, Manti

4 thoughts on “Mulching is Everything

  1. Didintle Motsuenyane

    Interesting..thanks for sharing
    Do we mulch only after the plant has broken through the soil or even after planting – seeds that is?

    1. Manti Maifadi

      . As a rule of thumb you should never be looking at bare soil, if it isn’t covered by a plant, it should be covered by mulch. So mulch your garden all the time.

      Happy Gardening 🌼

  2. Xolile

    Great insights. I will start immediately.

    1. Manti Maifadi

      That is great Xolile. Happy Gardening💚

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