Don’t Walk On Your Garden!

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Here is small advice from my years of working in the garden – DON’T WALK on your garden. When planning your garden, also think pathways.

It is very tempting to make the smallest paths possible so that you have bigger beds and more room for plants. But that is not that’s not always the best strategy.

Think practicality and make space for pathways. Your paths need to be as wide as the legs of your wheelbarrow. Think about how are you going to move in compost, to harvest your veggies and easily remove and cart out weeds. So make provision for 50cm to 60cm paths between beds. You can make your beds as long as you want, but no more than 1.2m wide. This is about as wide as you can go before it becomes uncomfortable to lean into the middle of the bed (trust me, you’ll appreciate this when working in the garden) without treading on your plants.

Why Must You NOT WALK On Your Garden

Remember that soil is alive. Soil is made up of minerals, water, organic matter, air and microorganisms. The balance between these different parts is what needs to be sustained for a healthy garden. Walking compacts the soil, and plants simply can’t grow well in compacted soil. Compacted soil will not allow water and nutrients to soak in – the soil will become barren and dry. Tiny plant roots cannot spread out in search of moisture and nutrients – plants will dehydrate and starve. Compact soil also impedes microbiological activity necessary to convert organic matter to nutrients that feed the plants.

So create pathways and dont walk on your garden.

Happy Gardening, Manti

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