When We Work the Land We Become Generous Again

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Nature gives in balance and in abundance.

When we grow our own food we become generous again. When the harvest “tjhai” has been great we find sharing to be a sacred duty. Besides, nature has very little room for hoarders. Generosity is a value that gets lost between store shelves and the limping rand.

I am reminded of how my mother would not allow visitors to leave our home without taking something with them – some pumpkin leaves, jam, spinach, canned peaches and sometimes even a whole chicken! She would even bake some scones we called “mangwele” just so that our guests took something home. They call it Sebego, the report back. So if you had visited others, on your return home you will present to them the gifts you received as a sign that indeed you were well received where you come from.

And so when we speak of land and working the land we are also speaking of returning our values including generosity, something that is impossible if it were only to depend on the extent to which our rand can stretch. The limitations of the rand gradually become the limitations of the mind, and of the heart, and of the soul. But nature gives in abundance and in balance.

Recently we had a visitor that we have never met before in person. She had only followed our Instagram  page and found a deep connection with us. She is a worker of the land too. She brought along with her goodies that included chickens, ducks and lots of vegetables from her garden for us. Spiritual gifts that speak of life and growth and abundance. This is a person who has found generosity again, from the land, to the heart, and the mind and the soul.

May we find our generosity again.

Happy holidays and happy gardening, Manti

2 thoughts on “When We Work the Land We Become Generous Again

  1. Mashane Nthutang

    I love you guys and love what you do! You’re such an inspiration. This is the kind of life I would love to live in my 40’s. Manti you inspire me big time! Naledi Farm photograph’s/dijalo tsa lona di a kgatlhisa.

    1. Manti

      Thank you Mashane for your kind words. Why wait when you can start now. Start small, you will be so amazed at how addictive this life is. Blessings to you🌼

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