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When We Work the Land, We Become Generous Again.

Meet Manti

Manti Maifadi is a teacher, gardener and owner of Naledi Farm – a space for healing and teaching which she and her husband Samuel founded in 2017. She got her ‘green fingers’ and her love for writing from her father who was a keen gardener and an avid writer. Manti is deeply passionate about working the land. She is on a crusade to help others to cultivate their relationship with the living soil and to remember how to grow their own food. She is a published author of a children’s book “Tshimong Ya Meroho le Naledi” and a published author in the field of science.

“My biggest tip to anyone who wants to start gardening is, start small. Get to know your soil and crops as you go. There’s no substitute for experience!”

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